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Production Designer
Body of Mine - 2023, Winner of SXSW VR
- 2022

Homesick - 2022
Las Palabras Music Video - 2022
Compulsive Corruption - 2022
Bleed Don’t Die - 2022
American Haiku - 2022
Until Death - 2022

Art Director
Sebae - 2022
Until Death - 2022

Western Feature- 2022
Warner Media TV series- 2022
Pop up Installation at Grove- 2022
SKECHERS X Snoop Dog- 2022
Ivy Park Campaign- 2022
Country Music Awards- 2022
Avril Lavigne Music Video -2022
Apecade -2022
Lost Lands music festival  -2022
Little Death Feature - 2022
Fabletics 2022 campaign w Lizzo -2022
Chowchilla documentary -2022
LA Rams - 2022
Lil NasX egg -2022
Wowee Playhouse LA -2022
Bad Bunny tour stage -2022
Cinespia Back to the future-2022
Cinespia American Psycho- 2022
Bellagio Casino Las Vegas- 2022
AntiVenom for a Snake - 2021

A Karaoke Space Oddyssey - 2022
WOMB - 2022
Arson of Cloud Castle - 2022
Grace Mitchell Music Video - 2021
Moondust Opening - 2021
Izzy's Demons - 2020

Portrait Commission- 2022
Album Cover Commission- 2022
Portrait Commission- 2022
Wowee Playhouse LA Mural- 2022
Portrait Commission- 2022
The Octopus - 2022
Portrait Commission- 2022
Portrait Commission- 2021
Portrait Commission- 2021
Portrait Commission- 2021
Portrait Commission- 2021
BLM Mural - 2021
Portrait Commission- 2020
Beach Bar Sign Commission - 2019
Resin Commission - 2019

Art Shows
Overbody / Group show at Monte Vista - 2023
Compulsive Corruption / Solo show - 2022

Set Dresser
Wowee Playhouse LA - 2022
Cinespia Harry Potter Goblet of Fire - 2022
Cinespia The Birds - 2022

Sebae - 2022
Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas - 2022
Foreign Planetary - 2022

Art Assistant

American Music Awards, Paperweight- 2022
VIZ media 2022 campaign- 2022
Jessica Taylor Belemy- 2022
Elliott Hundley - 2020

Art PA, Los Angeles, CA

Spring 2022. Lead Art PA for Viz Media shoot for their 2022 social media posts. In charge of all props and set dressing, as well as talking to talent and preparing them for shooting.

Fabricator, Scenic, Los Angeles, CA

Summer 2022. Helping build the next floor display for the Ballagio Casino in Las Vegas through ShowFX. Feathered, mossed, flowered, and painted birds that are much larger than life, and painted a large 15x10 ft urn to look like marble.

Production Designer, Los Angeles, CA
Spring 2022. Designed, built, and stages a magical life sized willow tree and branches made out of rope, moss, and flowers.

Colorist, Los Angeles, CA
Fall-Spring 2022. Paid to color 2D animated film Arson of Cloud Castle for a senior animation thesis film at USC.  

Production Designer, Los Angeles, CA
Winter - Spring 2022. Designing, building, and overseeing a team of people to create two separate wombs, large enough for two actresses plus a camera team, also doubling as a tent. For short film Bleed Don't Die. Also overseeing the entire Art Team, including Production Design, Costume, and Makeup.

2 0 2 1

DKA Professional Film Organization, Los Angeles, CA 
Spring 2021-Present. USC Professional Cinema Fraternity, Secretary and   Marketing Chair for the Charlie’s Angels Class Spring 2021.

Graphic Design Chair QSCA, Los Angeles, CA : Winter 2021 - 2022 

Production Designer, Los Angeles, CA 

Fall 2021. Fabricating a life sized prop grand piano from scratch made up of bones, tendons, organs, and other body parts for this short film titled Until Death Do Us Part. Responsible for overseeing a small team of people and set dressing for the film.

Art Department, Los Angeles, CA
Fall 2021-Winter 2022. Created 8 commissioned paintings and a painted animation in this live-action short film, The Octopus.

Set Painter and Props Master, Los Angeles, CA
Summer 2021. In an indie short called Anti-Venom for a Snake, led a team of three painters in changing a normal bathroom into a blue and green grotesque painting based on the director's desired look.

Mural Painter, Florence Park, NY
2021 Summer. Helped paint two large murals in local park for BLM.

Documentary PA, New York, NY Summer 2021.
Paid lead PA on live action 4 day Wall Street Bets documentary shoot in NYC, the Hampton's, New Jersey, and on a yacht. Made sure forms were filled out, ran errands and took people to and from set, helped transport fragile equipment. 

2D Animator, Los Angeles, CA
Fall -Winter 2021. The sole creator, animator, editor, and colorist of a paid music video for popular music artist, inspired by Lofi Hip Hop Radio. Utilized skills in character animation.

Illustrator, Los Angeles, CA
Winter 2020-Spring 2021. One of three illustrators working on Space Gays!, a comic written and produced by ART/EMIS, a club at USC that creates and promotes intersectional art and media.

2D Animator, Los Angeles, CA
Spring - Fall 2021. Using primarily Procreate, Photoshop, and After Effects, created a title sequence for a short Indie film, MOONDUST using the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina opening as a primary inspiration.

2 0 2 0

Elliott Hundley Internship, Los Angeles, CA 
Fall 2020 - COVID. Internship assisting Elliott in his studio 10 hours a week  over the course of the Spring 2020 semester. Assisting with stop motion  animation, drawing, melted wax,  and anything else he and his team need  help with. 

Kitty Bungalow Volunteer, ​Los Angeles, CA 
2020 - COVID. Volunteer experience helping to tame the overflowing cat  population in La. Cleaning up after, socializing, and feeding the kittens, as  well as cleaning the shelter and going on ride-alongs, are just a few of the  duties as the volunteer. 

Illustrator, Los Angeles, CA

Winter-Spring 2020. Wrote, illustrated, and inked a 20 page mini comic called Alex VS the Worlds. A personal project that combined the diverse medium like ink on paper with genres like comedy, horror, and action.


President USC Figure Drawing club, Los Angeles, CA : 2019 - 2022

Inbetweens Animator, Los Angeles, CA

October 2019 - August 2020. Paid as an inbetweens animator for an animated MFA thesis film on mental health and social media titled Izzy's Demons.

Corroon Bags/Luggage, ​Greenwich, NY  
Summer 2019. Hand painted leather bags and wallets for the designer brand company. 

Rye Art Gallery & Framing,​ Rye, NY
Summer 2019. Job experience with framing, helping around the gallery,  hanging and assisting with curation of shows. 

Rye Rec. Summer Camp, ​Rye, NY  2019 Summer. Assistant to head counselor, helped care for 25 children for  6 ½ weeks as well as communicating with parents. 

2 0 1 7 - 2 0 1 8

Gus’s Restaurant, ​Harrison, NY 
2017-2018. Bussed tables, took orders, and brought food and drinks to customers. Gained valuable experience in customer service and the hospitality industry.

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